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Lodge History

Below are excerpts from “A Brief History of Greensboro Lodge #76″ by C. Ray Hall

The earliest known reference to Greensborough Lodge # 76 is found in the list of lodges published in the Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina for 1820. This record shows Greensborough (dispensation) Guilford County. No copy of the actual dispensation has been found and there is no record in the Grand Secretary’s office regarding it.

At the Grand Lodge Communication on March 1, 1821 the Committee on Charters and Dispensations made a favorable report and a charter was issued to Greensborough Lodge and it received the number 76 by which designation is has been known until the present time.

The first recorded minutes found are for a special called meeting held January 30, 1821. The meeting was called for the purpose of reading and voting on the petition of Dr. Donald A. Stewart. He was elected and initiated the same night.

The charter officers of the lodge are as follows:

  • Christopher Moring – Master
  • Henry Humphries – Senior Warden
  • Marmaduke Mendenhall – Junior Warden
  • Abraham Geren – Treasurer
  • Lotan G. Watson – Secretary
  • Middleton Daughtery – Senior Deacon
  • James Matoon – Junior Deacon
  • John Scott – Tiler

It is recorded in the minutes of February 1, 1823 that a committee of 5 members was appointed to look into purchasing a permanent home for the lodge. Within a month the lodge had purchased a house and lot on the W. side of Elm St. near Gaston St. (now Friendly Av.) The price paid for the property was $600.00. One-half of which was to be paid two years from February 27, 1823 and the other half to be paid February 27, 1826. It was also noted that a committee was appointed to superintend the repairs to the property and was given the sum of $40.00 to accomplish these repairs. It was reported in the minutes of April 5, 1823 that the “Little White House” and all the ground except the brick house had been sold for $400.00.

During the period from 1830 -1928 there are numerous records of cornerstone laying ceremonies including:

  • August 14, 1830 – Methodist Church in Greensboro
  • August 20, 1843 – Methodist Female College (now Greensboro College)
  • June 26, 1858 – Guilford County Courthouse
  • May 25, 1908 – McIver Memorial Building at State Normal College (now UNC-G)
  • January 12, 1918 – Masonic & Eastern Star Home in Greensboro
  • September 8, 1924 – Greensboro Municipal Building
  • March 20, 1928 – Greensboro Masonic Temple

During World War I, 53 members of Greensboro Lodge # 76 served in the armed forces of the United States and 2 died in service.

Greensboro Lodge # 76 celebrated its’ 100th anniversary with an Emergent Communication on June 7, 1921 with approximately 400 Masons present. After a banquet celebrating the anniversary the lodge convened and Brother Henry Lee Hanes (founder of Hanes Funeral Home) was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason.

On January 14, 1928 Greensboro Lodge # 76 and Corinthian Lodge # 542 held a joint communication for the purpose of breaking ground for a new Masonic Building to be built at 426 W. Market St.

On March 21, 1956 the lodge celebrated its’ 135th anniversary. At that time an historic box was filled with Masonic and civic memorabilia. The box was sealed and placed in the NW corner of the temple building. It is to be opened on March 1, 2071 on the 250th anniversary of the lodge.

The Current Lodge Officers

  • WM - Joe Holden (front center)
  • SW - Dylan Lewellyn (left of center)
  • JW - Ray Hall (right of center)
  • SD - Roy Smith (back row, far left)
  • JD - Michael Armstrong, II (back row, far right)
  • SS - Phil Bialek (back row, second from the right)
  • JS - Bryan Davis (back row, second from the left)
  • Tiler - Michael Armstrong, Sr. (back row, third from the right)
  • Treasurer - Paul Amos (front row, left end)
  • Secretary - Tom Saitta (front row, right end)
  • Chaplain - Rusty Rogers